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Kelly going Overseas

Without the right help, moving overseas with the family pet can be stressful.

DAFF Accreditation

DAFF Biosecurity (Australian Quarantine / AQIS) control the import and export of animals in Australia. Only DAFF-accredited vets are licensed for animal export and can perform the necessary vaccinations, tests, certifications and paperwork required to export your pet and ensure an orderly return to Australia.

At Turramurra Vet Hospital, Dr James Thompson, Dr Pip Wines and Dr Angus Donald are all DAFF-accredited.

Early Planning

Early planning is essential. Each country has its own set of laws for bringing a pet into their country. Some country's requirements are complex and it may take months rather than weeks to complete all necessary work.

Step 1 Choose your Pet Transport Company


Your pet transport company will provide you with all import requirements of the country you will be moving to, and how to obtain an import permit. If you haven't chosen a pet transport company Turramurra Vet recommends Pet Fly which is owned and run by vet Dr Hamish Bathgate of Blakehurst Vet Hospital, a university classmate Dr Jim has known for 25 years and can personally endorse.

Alternatively do it yourself - but take care - this is a complex process.

Australian Export Requirements are found here:

A list of links to importing country requirements is available here:

Step 2 Export Examination, Certification, Regular Vaccination, Heartworm Control, Worming and Rabies Vaccination

Performed at Turramurra Vet Hospital.

It is important that your pet is in satisfactory health to travel internationally, so a complete physical examination is required. Standard vaccinations and heartworm prevention must be up to date. Rabies vaccination is a requirement for entry to many countries including the United Kingdom and USA, even from rabies free countries such as Australia. Export to New Zealand requires a DAFF-accredited vet to administer anti-parasitic products and test for Babesia and Heartworm. Only DAFF-accredited vets such as those at Turramurra Vet Hospital are permitted to complete export certification and administer rabies vaccinations.

Please contact Turramurra Vet on 9988-0198 for an appointment well in advance if rabies vaccination is required, particularly if multiple animals are being exported. This is to ensure we have adequate supplies of rabies vaccination (which we keep in limited stock).

Step 3 - Rabies Testing (if required)

Performed by Turramurra Vet Hospital.

Some countries require a blood test after rabies vaccinations to confirm that immunity has been achieved.

Step 4 - Travel 

Bon Voyage!